Padel People Open Site Number 2!

We are very excited to announce that we’re opening a padel court and a pickleball court at the beautiful Bishopstrow Hotel and Spa. Bishopstrow is a stunning hotel on the edge of Warminster in Wiltshire, with hundreds of current members. We’re delighted that we can bring both sports to the area and get the members playing the games we love. The hotel are creating a destination to bring in a new member category of under 33. As more young people are able to work from home they are therefore joining local clubs where you can be social, eat and play sport.

As a small padel company we are certainly not moving as aggressively as the other padel companies but this actually means a few things:

  1. We can take our time and pick the right sites for us
  2. We work with great landlords and partners who share our outlook on hospitality and sport.
  3. We get good business deals, which means we can offer our players great value. Our Wimbledon padel site is the cheapest indoor venue in the country.
  4. Both George and James can be flexible and work with landlords, agents, and councils without worrying about shareholders’ views.

We love our little business and are always looking to bring these sports to locations near you, so if you’ve got a tennis court or two, a spare car park, etc., look no further. We pride ourselves on our communication with our players, and we make sure everyone has a seamless playing experience.

Get in touch with George via this link